Monday, March 19, 2012

Hopefully, The Force *IS* With Him - and Brings Him Home!

I realize that this is a most unlikely way to find a lost dog, but I thought, what the heck - I have space and a little time - I'll let the world - or at least the small portion of the world who reads my blog - know about my dear, sweet dog Obi, who is currently missing. 

Our sweet, slightly hyper, 3-year-old yellow lab mix dog got lost on Sunday evening 3/18/12 at Rope Mill Park in Woodstock, GA. He's very friendly, up-to-date on shots, and micro-chipped. Please don't be afraid to approach him. He answers to the name "Obi" and is very sweet and friendly. If anyone sees him, please call Lorraine at (404) 580-3800, Jimmy at (404) 580-9663, Michael at (404) 863-3811 or Joey at (404) 863-5611.

You can also take him to any local vet or Animal Shelter. They will scan him and be able to retrieve our contact information from that. Please spread the word.  

He's a very strong and physically-fit dog, so he could have traveled miles and miles by now. Our fear at this point is that someone has found him and doesn't think he has a home, so we're trying to spread the word.

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Marita said...

I hope you find your Obi - You need to say "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi - you're my only help!"