Friday, September 19, 2008

Annie-isms: We Just Got Ding-Dong Ditched by Our Six-Year-Old

It’s nearly midnight and I just can’t stop laughing. We’ve spent the ENTIRE evening trying to get our precious Annie to sleep. She’s resisted, she’s bargained, she’s pulled out the, “You just don’t care about me!” hollered down the hall. She even got her High School Musical microphone and made announcements from her bunk. She WON’T sleep.

After round three (or forty five, I can’t remember) of crocodile tears, we put her back in her bed… again… and were surprised by the silence. Great, maybe she’s asleep. Then we hear a soft but distinct knock at our bedroom door followed by the quick retreat of tiny feet. Upon opening the door we’re met with a note left on the floor.

Our dear darling little one, who has been struggling so with learning to read and write has left us a note. It reads “ANNIEISHie” and on the back there is a map – to where, I can’t tell – but it’s clearly a map.

So, best as I can tell, sweet Annie Rose ding dong ditched us to try and rope us into a game of hide and seek by actually writing a note entirely by herself for the very first time.

I love that kid.