Monday, August 18, 2008

Further Evidence of Impending Stardom

Shopping at Target this morning, looking for jeans for Annabelle.

Mommy: Do you like these, Annie? (holding up a really cute pair of jeans)

Annie: Can I have this purse?

Mommy: We're here for jeans, do you like these?

Annie: Ugh! Can I at LEAST have this belt?

Mommy: No, we're here to get jeans.

Annie: But it's like SO cute!

Mommy: I said no.

Annie: Ugh! Mo-om! I have to have style! I have to rock out!

Where does she get this?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Honest Thoughts of An Unapologetic Rock 'n' Roll Drama Queen

age 6 years, 136 days

Last night while riding in the car, Annie said, “Daddy, I need some music.”

So Daddy turned on WABE – classical music.

She said, “what kind of music is that?”

Daddy replied, “It’s classical music.”

“Why’s it so boring?”


“I need some Rock and Roll Music, Daddy!”