Thursday, September 05, 2013


I did something really fun.

Really, it's kind of ridiculous how much fun it was.

I was part of #Mugswap2013 hosted by A Cuppa Kim.

The way this works, in case you don't know, is that we all pretty much throw our names in a virtual hat and each of us is given the name of someone that we should send a mug.  Folks were asked to provide a little basic info about themselves, their Instagram name, blog address, etc.  Until your mug arrives, you have no idea who is your sender!  You only know who you are sending to!

The person I was assigned to send a mug only said that she was a pretty happy person and would love anything.  Her Instagram account had 0 posted pictures and her blog was mainly posts about running times and workouts.

I initially set out to find a great Runner's Mug!  But, despite hours and hours of online shopping, I really couldn't find anything that seemed special.

See, not special.

So, I hit the streets!

I tried Anthropologie, World Market, TJ Max, Marshall's, Specialty Gift Shops, Art Galleries...  The hunt was a blast!  I found a whole bunch of lovely mugs... but not THE mug.

See... lovely.

In the last moments before I had to pick up Baby Girl from school, I drove to the Square in Marietta to see if there was a quaint gift shop that might have a great mug.  I noticed Dupree's, the antique shop.  There is never parking on the Square in Marietta.  Never.  But, just as I rolled around, the spot directly in front on Dupree's opened up.  Not only that, but I was actually able to successfully parallel park my gargantuan "mini" van in the spot with only one smooth move.  I don't really believe in "signs" - as in signs from "fate" that something was meant to be... but if I did, I'd say this was a sign!

See, there's a shot from inside the front door of Dupree's 
looking upon my van.  Could NOT have been closer!

I had a great time looking through all of the cool stuff the shop had to offer -- it's a big shop!  But I knew I'd found the mug when I stumbled upon this beauty.

I know, I know, some folks think she's creepy, but I think she's lovely!  And, to top it all off, I fell in love with a vintage tin that I snagged to pack her in.

So, I wrapped her in tissue and nestled her amongst hand-made pompoms and tucked her into the tin.

I put the tin in a large box that was mostly-filled with halfway blown up balloons and added a few Kind Bars, a gourmet chocolate bar and some other goodies.

I couldn't bear to leave the box unadorned... Then, off she went on her journey to Florida.

I started stalking the mail carrier.  Waiting for my mug.  I had so much fun on my journey to find the perfect mug for my partner I had forgotten to wonder what I'd be receiving... until the giving was over!

Days and days and days passed and still no mug.  And then, one day, a sweet e-mail from a stranger who hadn't heard from me that I'd received my mug.  She'd shipped it a while back and received confirmation of delivery.  I searched the house - interrogated the kids and hubby.  No one had seen a box come to the door.  Until.... my hubby checked the mail box.  There, shoved inside, was a box.  It had been there for several days as the postal carrier shoved mail in around it.  I'd never considered that the carrier would shove it in my mail box... I'd expected it to come to the door!  Not to mention, I didn't realize that no one was checking mail.


I anxiously opened the box and the perfect mug was nestled in a blanket of bubble wrap.

Isn't she perfect?  

A sweet note by e-mail from her sender said that she hoped it represented my love of comics and being a mom.  I don't know if she spent as much time pouring over my blog, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. as I did over my partner's, but she nailed me.  And, each day I've enjoyed a special cup of coffee and remember that somewhere out there is someone I've never met who - at least for a moment - totally got me.  It was a pretty cool day!

As of yet, I haven't heard back from my mug's intended recipient.  I hope both she and the mug are safe and so happy together there hasn't been time for a note in return!  But probably she's just busy training for her next marathon and being a mom to a cute bunch of kiddos and that's okay!

Mug Swap!