Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ridiculous Fun for a Great Reason

So, I've decided to drag my family - kicking and screaming, if necessary - into an era of whimsy and happiness. 

In an effort to expedite the fun and whimsy, we've re-painted my drab walls a fluffy light yellow color known as "Winter Wheat,"  we've purchased a light blue sofa so enormous nearly everyone we know can sit on it simultaneously.

See how enormous that sofa is?  Tonight's fun had Jimmy and I plus three teens sprawled out watching Dr. Who and iCarly...

We've also rediscovered some of our favorite "Outsider Art" that we'd collected early in our married life but for some reason tucked away for years.  I think we subconsciously knew we'd need a season of un-fun in order to appreciate this new season of whimsy and happiness. 

See.  Whimsical.  We got this awesome rooster at an antique and oddities store in Chattanooga.  He's cool.

I just love this little guy.  He makes me smile!

Ok, admittedly, these guys tend to disturb some folks, but they make *me* happy.  I know, I embrace my strangeness.  These are by an artist named Todd Marone.  He does some really interesting stuff.  We were lucky enough to find these paintings on eBay pretty early in his career, so they were affordable. 

Another part of our formerly fun and soon-to-be-newly-whimsical-and-happical life is that we're doing a show!  Yes, you heard correctly!  A show, as in theater!  As in doing something that is actual real-life fun!  Huzzah!

On Friday and Saturday, July 22 and 23, Jimmy and I, along with a bunch of our goofy friends will be producing Death By Chocolate, a murder-mystery dinner show.  AND - not only will it be ridiculously funny, it's a fundraiser for an amazing ministry we're a part of:  Forever Fed, Inc. which is a mobile food ministry dedicated to feeding the hungry in North Georgia. 

Forever Fed isn't just a soup kitchen where folks line up hours in advance for an opportunity to have some stuff plopped on a plate as they pass by (not to dog on those ministries - people need food...).  But, Forever Fed takes the food TO THE HUNGRY - in places where there are concentrations of hungry folks.  And, the meals are GOOD!  Yum-O!  Last week alone Forever Fed provided 1045 meals.  That's amazing!  And it's all done by these awesome volunteers who have a huge heart to share the love of our amazing God though feeding folks who otherwise wouldn't have a healthy meal.

Here we are standing in front of the truck during one of the school breaks, making healthy lunches for the kids in a local apartment complex where they often don't have enough to eat.  On this day we probably provided close to 100 lunches (each of which had enough food for 2 days).

So, head on over to this page to buy your tickets to see our show!  Not only will you have a ridiculously fun time and a great meal, but you can take a stab (pun intended) at making me break character -- now it's worth the $35 just for that, right???

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Julie said...

I cannot wait to see your new decorated house! I assume we will move towards fun and whimsy when we are done with the mud and legos stage.