Friday, March 11, 2011

So, Here's the First Test

Remember a little while ago when I ranted about "Slacktivist" mentality and asked you to pause before you roll your eyes at me when I ask for help - pause and actually consider what you might be able to do? 

Ok, so, here's the first test.

We're about to bring some kiddos - orphans, mostly, and others living in orphanages - here to live with families for the summer.  Two of those families are trying to raise the nearly $7,500 it will cost them just to bring the kids here.  They're SO clever, though.  They're doing a fundraiser give-away. 

So, to be clear, you could win an iPad2, or other great prize just for helping them bring some kids here for the summer.  How cool is that?

Please take just a moment and look at their blog and consider helping them out.

Of course, if you want, if you feel called, YOU could host a kid.  Really, you could.  Shoot me a message and I'll get you the info.  Some of my favorite kiddos don't have host families yet.

Helf Family Blog and Give-Away Details

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